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St. Petersburg Carpet Cleaning Company

Nothing gets out carpet dirt like a Deep, powerful carpet cleaning. The kind you get with National Cleaning Specialist. Our multi step Deep Carpet cleaning process is the secret. First, it loosens the dirt with pressurized hot water and advanced carpet cleaning solutions.

Then, it removes the cleaning agents and dirt with a clean, ph balanced rinse and a powerful vacuuming. Leaving your carpets deep-down clean and soft.


Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back


We clean. First we thoroughly clean your carpet.

You inspect. You inspect our work with our carpet cleaner sitll in your home 

You Decide. If you aren't satisfied, we'll re-clean it untill you say it's clean


Save $30 Off Any Carpet Cleaning Service. 


2 Rooms Deep Cleaned Only $99

3 Rooms Deep Cleaned only $119.95

4 Rooms Deep Cleaned Only $139.95

5 Rooms Deep Cleaned Only $159.95


Premium Carpet Cleaning Service Includes:

  • Pre Vacuum – Using a commercial-grade HEPA vacuum, I will remove the loose dirt that is in the carpet. Dry soil is insoluble, which means it cannot be broken down with water-based cleaning products and must be removed before pre-conditioning.
  • Pre -Treatment - The carpet is pre-conditioned and agitated to help remove the embedded sticky soil found in most high-traffic areas of carpets or fabrics.
  • Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning - This process uses hot water “Steam Cleaning” to rinse out the pre-conditioner and remove the sticky soil from your carpet, leaving it ph balanced, clean and smelling fresh.
  • Spotting - If any spots remain, we then use our spotting agents to remove them.
  • Groom and Dry - This final step in the cleaning process helps dry your carpets allowing you to immediately use the rooms and furniture that has been cleaned.





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Just wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with our wood floors in the townhouse rental - wow!! What a big improvement! Thanks again and we'll keep you in mind when we are ready to do our house. We'll recommend you to anyone looking to have their hardwood floors refinished.
---- Mary W. of Brandon, FL