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How To remove a Red Wine Stain from Carpet

 When it come to keeping your carpets clean there are many choices to choose, such as purchasing carpet spotter, renting a carpet machine or hiring a carpet cleaning professional.

While being in the carpet cleaning business here in Wesley Chapel and New Tampa area, I have been asked hundreds of time, which is the best spotter to use to remove red wine or coffee stains. 

"My Secret Carpet Cleaning TIp for Red Wine Stain Removal on Carpet"

With any liquid spill use a cotton rag and absorb as much as you can by blotting the spill up. Never use an aggressive scrubbing action on carpet. If you have a small wet dry vac this will come in handy. After completing the previous step now its time to make the "Secret Carpet Spotting Solution".

 Use one small, half of a drop, of clear dishwashing soap that contains no bleaching agents, make sure it's the "clear color type" with 2 cups of water. Then mix two parts of hydrogen peroxide with one part of the dishwashing mixture you just made.

Spray the solution with a light mist being careful not to over wet the stain. Then apply a piece of plastic wrap or cut up a plastic garbage bag and put over stain for about two hours. Then use the remaining mixture of dish soap and water to blot and rinse the remaining stain. 

We Can Help You!

If you are having trouble removing the stain please call National Cleaning Specialist which is located in the Wesley Chapel and New Tampa area for professional carpet cleaning and stain removal.  



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