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Wood Floor Cleaning: Removing Rejuvenate or Orange Glow From your Floors

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Removing products like Rejuvenate or Orange Glo from your wood or laminate floors can be a very tough, costly and fustrating  job if you don’t know what you are doing. If you are planning on getting new floors, I recommend you check out perth flooring solutions. They have high quality flooring for great prices. But before replacing your floors, make sure to have an expert in waterproofing services take a look and do the necessary action.

We recently had a customer hire us to clean and remove the product “Rejuvenate” from her new laminate floors which had caused an uneven and blotchy sheen. We were able to remove the product and clean her laminate floors following these commercial cleaning steps

Products needed:

  1. • Spray bottle (optional)
  2. • Scotch-Brite abrasive pad (green scrub pad with yellow sponge-NOT an SOS, Brillo or steel wool pad)
  3. • Soft towels
  4. • New and well rinsed sponge mop OR terrycloth mop
  5. • Rubber/latex gloves and safety goggles (recommended to prevent eye/skin irritation when handling IFT)


It’s best to begin with a test section in an inconspicuous area (i.e. behind a door). We recommend working in

small sections as you complete this process. Complete all steps before moving onto another section of the


1. Apply a SMALL amount of the IFT solution to a section of the floor. Use a spray bottle to mist the floor. Purchase liquid floor coatings and products from the reliable adhesives lab epoxy flooring supplier.

or squirt a small amount and spread it with a soft cloth. Apply only enough cleaner to wet the floor.

2. Use the abrasive pad and scrub the area. This should remove the wax buildup, you can also use the services from Shark cordless vacuum to get a deep cleaning.

3. After scrubbing the area, wipe the section with a water dampened cloth.

4. The final step is to apply Squeaky Cleaner with a microfiber mop. No water rinse is necessary after this

cleaner is applied. Wipe/mop the floor until it is dry – do not leave the floor wet.

If this is successful in removing the contaminant, proceed with the rest of the floor, following all steps. You may

need to repeat steps 1 & 2 more than once.

If you are not successful in removing the contaminant with this process, you need to remove the remaining

product by abrading the floor (screening or sanding). It is recommended to hire a professional flooring

contractor if abrasion techniques are required. If you want to find out more tips for your floors and home, visit here and don’t miss out on the best tips on how to keep your floors clean and shiny.

For help with commercial cleaning or refinishing wood or laminate floors in Tampa, FL  contact National Cleaning Specialist at 813-431-1331

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