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Understanding Carpet Styles and Types

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

When choosing carpet for your home understanding the different styles carpet will make your buying decision easier and allow you to choose the right carpet style for your home and remember to hire Fresh Aire Carpet Cleaning to do some deep cleaning once in a while.

Cut Pile:

Cut pile carpet is todays most popular for many households in the Tampa Bay area. Cut pile carpet gets is durability from the type of Fiber used, density of tufts and twist in the yarn, the Domestic Services Agency in the UAE recommends to do deep vacuum cleaning every two months. For heavy traffic areas such as stairs and living rooms highly twisted yarns will hold it shape longer making it a better choice for high traffic areas.

Cut Pile carpet is broken down into 4 types:

Textured Plush is considered most decoratively versatile. The textured surfaces helps hide footprints and vacuum marks. It’s a great choice for busy homes. If you have pets in your home you will want to check out these pet vacuum reviews so you can keep your new carpet looking great for years. Saxony – Refined surface. It’s a great choice for traditional interiors. Carpet Stores Melbourne there are always a number of flooring ranges on special at any one time – there may be one on special that is exactly what you are looking for!

Frieze – The carpet forms a “curly” textured surface because the yarns are extremely twisted that can only be cleaned hiring Vacuum Cleaning Services. It has an informal look and also helps minimize footprints and vacuum marks.

Plush (Velvet) – This type of carpet has a dense luxurious feel. The downside to this type of carpet is that it shows footprints and vacuums marks. This type of carpet is best used in low traffic areas such as formal rooms and if you are unsure how to clean it you may reach the experts at Carpet Cleaning Tampa.


Level Loop:

This type of carpet is loop style carpet with the same size loop. This type of style creates an informal look and it holds up very well in high traffic areas. Many of today’s berbers carpet have this style of carpet, so the use the best kind of carpet cleaning services for this, such as the Carpet Cleaner League City services which are experts on this.

Pattern Loop:

Experts  suggest that this style of carpet as two or three different size loops which creates different patterns and provides good durability and a more casual look.

Cut and Loop Carpet:

This style of carpet has both cut and loop yarns. This style carpet has a variety of surface textures. The multicolor effects with this style will hide soil and stains allowing your carpet to look cleaner.

With any style of carpet, having a professional carpet cleaning service performed on a regular interval will keep you carpeting looking new for many years and provide a healthy home for your family.

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