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House cleaning services: How to Remove Dry Paint and Liquids from your Carpet

Saturday, April 13th, 2013

Spilling paint on carpet, especially when you have new carpet can be a very traumatic experience. Hiring a professional flood damage carpet cleaning may be the best option in order to save you money and hours of effort, but if it is not, knowing the proper procedure and solutions to use can make that ugly spot on your carpet disappear. Stains are obstinate and blotting them out requires more than just scrubbing with a detergent. You’d first need to get its a clean service by spotlessflorida dot com from the list of our favorite clients, and then try cleansing them off of the carpet.

Here is a list of items you will need:

  1. Spatula or large spoon.
  2. Wet Dry Vac.
  3. Sweep Easy broom
  4. Terry Cloth Towels.
  5. Steam Iron.
  6. Solvent: Any paint oil grease removal product will work fine. Most hardware stores that sell paint will have this. I recommend Pro-Solve Gel and Power Gel by Pro’s Choice.
  7. Please be very careful when using a liquid form of a paint oil or grease removal product. This solution can cause the carpet backing to separate, if you want to remove them and avoid the headache hire the commercial kitchen cleaning pros.
  8. A clean water source. Check the Locations of water filtration systems at Whole House Water Filtration Systems 214 N Bay Hills Blvd Safety Harbor FL, 34695 (813) 358-1735.
  9. In case that you need professional help, get the best green certified carpet cleaning and safe for your home. If something spills on your carpet or any food falls down, just call and get it fixed.

If the paint is still wet use this procedure:

  1. Apply Pro Solve Gel to spot. “Pro Solve can be substituted with a paint oil grease removal product”
  2. Gently agitate spot using the edge of spoon.
  3. Apply Power Gel and agitate gently.
  4. Thoroughly extract using Hot Water Extraction. ” A sprayer with hot water and a wet dry vac will work”

If the paint is dry use this procedure:

  1. Apply Pro Solve Gel to wet fibers.”Pro Solve can be substituted with a paint oil grease removal product”
  2. Agitate gently with soft brush or edge of spoon.
  3. Cover  paint stain with clean terry cloth towel.
  4. Apply steam heat form steam iron set at warm temperature for 15 to 30 seconds, as per the The Definitive Guide to Carpet.
  5. Reapply Pro Solve Gel.
  6. Agitate gently
  7. Apply Power Gel to spot
  8. Gently agitate
  9. Thoroughly extract using hot water extraction. “sprayer with hot water and a wet dry vac will work”

Repeat steps 7 thru 9 if needed. You will  find great cleaning tools and products at will treat your carpets with our oxygen-powered, green solutions that rapidly break down dirt and oils.

If you are looking for professional pros carpet cleaning in Tampa Florida please call 813-907-9092


Carpet Cleaning: What’s the Difference

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Compare National Cleaning Specialist with other cleaning companies. Instead of the traditional ‘soak and suck’ method of steam cleaning (where the machine soaks the carpets and pads with water, then tries to suck back out as much as it can), National uses a process called Low Moisture Extraction (LME), which uses the power of Oxygenated Green Cleaning Solutions  with hot water to release dirt from the fibers and lift it to the surface where it is whisked away by The Low Moisture Cleaning unit. We have partnered up with to provide premium services . Most Carpet Dry in 1 -2 hours

Steam Cleaners National Cleaning Specialist
Cleaning Method Steam Cleaning with hot water, chemical solutions and suction. Low Moisture Extraction - the benefits of hot water and powerful extraction, but uses less water than steam cleaning. 
Cleaning Results When done properly, steam cleaning can provide a deep clean. Be cautious of the excessive amounts of water used, which can get left behind – leaving a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. National Clean system, provides a deep down clean, extracting dirt from the carpet fibers without overloading the carpet with water.
Residues Most steam cleaners leave behind dirt-attracting residues. Carpets resoil quickly after cleaning National’s EcoClean® leaves behind no dirt-attracting residues so carpets stay cleaner, longer.
Wicking Because steam cleaners leave so much water in the carpeting, as it dries, the water wicks dirt to the surface. Carpets look dirtier faster. National Clean uses less water and high-power extraction to virtually eliminate wicking
Dry Times Carpets may take as long as 2 days to dry. Carpets cleaned with National proprietary system dry in 1-2 hours so you can get back to your daily routines.
Green Many carpet cleaning companies use harsh chemicals that may be harmful to Mother Earth. Only National uses The EcoClean cleaning solution for a deep, effective clean that’s also green. Many National’s cleaning products are green certified. 
Customer Satisfaction Not all carpet cleaning companies are alike. With experiences ranging across the board, select a trusted brand name. 100% unconditional Money Back Guarantee. Its not Clean until you say its Clean.

Clean any 3 areas only $105
Clean any 4 areas only $140
Call now for same day appointments at 813-907-9092

Carpet Cleaning: Spotting and Stain Removal

Friday, August 21st, 2009

Does your Cleaning Company remove all of the stains from your carpets?

I ask this question because most cleaners I know do not even have a spotting kit on their truck. Removing stains such as Kool Aid, grease, paint, make up and rust will require specialty spotting to remove these stains.

To remove most stains in carpets the process should consist of these fundamental steps:

  1. Pre Vacuum : This will help remove more of the dry soil and sand from the carpet.
  2. Pre Treat :By pre treating the carpets, this step will help suspend the oily soil that sticks to the carpet fibers so it can be easily removed in the rinse step
  3. Rinse: This will remove the suspended soils and cleaning agents out of the carpet
  4. Spotting: Cleaning Solutions designed for a specific spot or stain
  5. Rinse: To remove cleaning solution
  6. Groom: Creates a neater appearance and faster dry times
  7. Dry: Carpet dryers to help speed the process up. Most carpets dry in 1-3 hours

Carpet Cleaning Tampa: High traffic areas

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

While cleaning carpets today, I had a customer ask me about a high traffic area in front of her sofa.

She had moved her sofa to a different location and there was an area in front of the sofa that appeared worn out. She wanted to know why that area still looked so bad after the cleaning.

I explained that sand and grit had scratched the face of the fiber causing it to be distorted.

If the carpet is fairly new, many customers will think that the carpet has worn out in those areas. Carpet manufacturers disagree with this term. They consider this as ugly out.

This could have been avoided by more frequent vacuuming and cleaning frequency. Proper door mats will also help in removing of the sand and grit that causes this type of condition.

Vacuuming should be done daily in the high traffic areas to prevent this from happening.

Professional Carpet Cleaning using a low moisture hot water extraction process, should be done at least every 12 to 18 months.