Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Cleaning wood floors can be be a difficult job if you don’t have the proper tools or cleaning solutions. There are a lot of products on the market and while some products may produce a shine today, they may cause a build up over time, and if you want to repair your floors, you can visit DiamondCoating.ca/Toronto to find the right coating for  your floors.

Our wood floor cleaning process aggressively scrubs the flooring to remove a build up of dirt and contaminants, leaving your floors clean and residue free.

Once the floor is cleaned a optional Hardwood Floor refinisher can be applied for a uniform satin or gloss sheen.

Wood Floor Cleaning in the Tampa Bay area  only  $40 per room up to 100 sq ft.

Call now for same day service in the Tampa area call 813-907-9092 or email at info@NationalClean.com

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